RV HELP-U-SELL and the affiliate locations are in the business of advertising lender owned vehicles. We are NOT an auction and we are not dealers. All offers submitted on our web sites go directly to the legal owner of each vehicle. We do not have the authority to negotiate any part of the possible sale. Final selling prices are controlled by the legal owners of the advertised vehicles.

Common Questions!                 

Q. Do you have additional pictures?          
A. No! But if you place the highest offer the lender will contact you and provide you with more pictures, a mechanical report and a car fax. This sale is all about finding the real buyer and then moving forward. This is how buyers can really save money! If the lenders paid the costs of a dealership then the prices would reflect that cost.

Q. Can we see it?           
A. No! These repossessions are located nationwide. It would be logistically impossible to make the units available to preview. There would be no one place that would work for everyone. This also goes back to saving money. It is very expensive to move these units from one place to another.
As the customer holding the highest offer you are not obligated to purchase the unit until you have had a chance to inspect it. This is better than a money back guarantee! You pay no money until you are satisfied.

How do I know if I have made the highest offer?
A. If you have made the highest offer you will be contacted by the lender who owns the unit.
If the sale ends on a week day the results are posted on the RV HELP U SELL web site by the next day. If the sale ends on Friday or the week-end the results are not posted until the lenders open on Monday. On this page you will see the results from the previous sale. It is important for prospective buyers to understand that RV HELP-U-SELL locations only advertise the repossession and foreclosure inventory found on this page. All final sales are at the discretion of the legal owners.

Q. How does the delivery work?
 A. The lender will pay the first $1,000 of the delivery cost. If the buyer elects to pick up the vehicle the lender will deduct $1,000 from the selling price. If the shipping cost is $500 the lender will refund the balance of $500 to the buyer. It is the responsibility of the buyer to find someone to deliver the vehicle. Virginia RV HELP-U-SELL will assist by providing some companies that we work with as an option.

Q.How long do I have to pick up the vehicle?
A. Buyers have a maximum of 7 days to inspect and approve the sale. Unless otherwise agreed to by the lender the payment must be finalized by the seventh day.  

Q.How do I know the vehicle is in good condition? 
A.  We only deal with large established lenders. No one has time to deal with junk! If you have placed the highest acceptable offer you will be contacted by the lender the day after the sale ends. At that time you can request as many pictures as you like. You can also request a copy of the mechanical report.
If needed the lender can have a licensed repair shop check the vehicle before you come to inspect it. This cost is $125 dollars and is paid directly to the inspector. Virginia RV HELP-U-SELL will never ask for any money from a buyer. Most RV's, cars and trucks come with a transferrable warranty from the factory. Over 75% of our listings have factory warranty still on them. It is the responsibility of the buyer to check on the warranty of any vehicle. 

Q.Can I make offers on more than one vehicle in any one sale?
A. If a buyer has purchased from one of our lenders before they are allowed to make offers on more than one vehicle. Until a buyer has established a business relationship they can only offer on one vehicle. A buyer can make as many offers as they like on any one vehicle. No exceptions are made regarding this policy.

                   Things to know about our sale!

Please Read Before making an offer!
The lenders who list foreclosures on our web-sites are not RV dealers, they are banks, credit unions, finance companies and auto auctions. They are banking professionals who have no interest in wasting your time by advertising junk. Most units listed have been inspected by professional RV mechanics. Most units come with at least a 90ty day warranty. Others have factory warranties still in place. All sales are subject to inspection and approval from the buyer before any money changes hands. If you feel the need to see it, drive it or inspect it before you are ready to place an offer, this program is not for you! If your offer is accepted by the lender you will have as much time as necessary to do a complete inspection.

Any offer placed on a foreclosure or pre-foreclosure will be submitted to the 
legal owner. Sales are not final until the buyer has inspected and approved the
RV being sold. No deposits or money of any kind are asked for or collected by
the legal owner until the buyer accepts the RV and the terms. 

Motor vehicle laws vary from state-to-state, prospective buyers should check
with state and county agencies before making an offer on a foreclosure, or
  pre-foreclosure. Used tax and registration also vary from state-to-state and
prospective buyers should check with local agencies. The final selling price
of any foreclosure or pre-foreclosure is completely between the buyer and the
legal owner. Payment for used taxes, registration or any other fee required to
transfer title, are also by and between the buyer and legal owner.
Foreclosures and pre-foreclosures found on the RV-HELP-U-SELL web-sites
are not exclusive listings. Similar listings may be advertised by other companies.
Not all units marked sold are sold through Virginia RV HELP U SELL.

Legal owner is defined as " Any lender, business or individual holding legal title
of ownership".
* Some pictures may not represent the actual advertised unit. Where pictures
are not available, we do our best to find a close representation.

 Note! The n.a.d.a. guide is only a reference. values found in the guide are only a guide. RV-HELP-U-SELL will not guarantee these values to be accurate.
RV -HELP-U-SELL will under no circumstances accept any money or deposits
from prospective buyers. All payments and or offers must go directly to the legal owner of the foreclosure. This is not an auction, offers submitted to RV-HELP-U-
sell affiliates are forwarded to the legal owners. Only legal owners can accept an offer to purchase.

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