A simple concept! We work with banks, credit unions
finance companies, auto auctions and private lenders to give buyers direct access to repossessions. Why pay retail when lenders are over-loaded with good clean repossessions at a fraction of the cost.

In addition to RV'S we offer Boats-Cars-Trucks-Heavy Equipment and more.......

What We do!

RV-HELP-U-SELL locations across the country advertise RV, boat and vehicle repossessions to a nationwide market. There are new listings posted on our web sites twice each month. The advertised units stay active for 14 days. During that period prospective buyers make offers which go directly to the legal owner.
At the end of each listing period the clients with the high offers are contacted by the owner of the repossession. The lender and the prospective buyer make the arrangements needed to move on with the purchase. To view our current repossession inventory and read more about the sales process. Click here 

With over eight years in the business of selling vehicle repossessions we are the largest independently owned Internet sales network! At Virginia RV Help-U-Sell we provide our customers the best of both worlds. On our web site you will find a combination of local and nationwide repossession inventory.





New for 2013! Our fly & buy program is now in effect. If our lender owned repossessions are not as described when you get there, the flight is on us! Our lenders take pride in offering only the highest quality vehicles. The junk is taken to the auction. For complete details of the program  click here

               Why buy a repossession from us?

1. Probably the most important reason is saving money!
    When you buy a repossession from us you typically save
     25% to 40%. Because we are an internet based company
     we have a very low cost of doing business. We can pass 
     that savings on to you!

2. We only accept well priced repossessions! People are
     tired of all the internet sales web-sites loaded with
     over priced inventory. Some lenders are just asking
     too much money. You will not find high reserve prices
     on our site!

3.  We provide a risk free shopping experience! We do
      EVER accept any money from our repossession buyers!
      No deposits, no down payments, no credit card to
      hold an offer. Our buyers deal directly with the lenders
      at the time of the sale. To view repossession inventory
      click here

     Virginia RV Help-U-Sell Video 

Virginia RV-HELP-U-SELL is now marketing boat, truck and car
 repossessions. These repossessions come from lenders and no-
 sale inventory at public and dealer auctions. Most inventory sells
 for wholesale or below!

            Need to sell your used RV, boat, truck or car!

Our classified listings get results! Use Virginia RV-HELP-U-SELL
and get local and nationwide exposure. Thousands of potential
buyers visit our web sites every day! Join the banks, finance
companies and credit unions that rely on us to find serious buyers. To inquire about our classified program click here










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